A selection of the different types of covers that have been made by LozKit over the years.

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Boat covers

Zipped on weatherproof covers for the local rowing club, enabling the cover to be fitted easily when the boat is on it’s mooring.

Misc covers

Rib covers

Dinghy covers with mast up and down options

Classic yacht all over deck and sail covers

Matching engine and console covers for the local sailing club.

Console and seat cover ‘all-in-one’ for a marina works boat.

Rib sun/rain  awnings.

All over rib cover to keep the jet boat clean on the back of the ‘mothership’.

Skylight covers to keep the weather and uv off the varnish but letting in the light

Stack packs made to the exacting measurements on every boat, with a separate front ‘boot’ to allow access to the halyards at the mast without effecting the main cover.

Sail covers

Mainsail boom covers made to the exacting measurements of each mainsail.

Carbon mast protected in a padded cover, but still allowing all lines and axillaries to still be used.

Windscreen and hatch covers on motor boats and yachts, to stop the uv and create more privacy.

Tailor made outboard covers to keep the weather out of the engine and keep the decks clean when moving it around.

Pack Avenue boom cover.

With two different size mainsails, this cover can be zipped up in two positions depending on the size required

Deck cover for traditional wooden day boat.

Off-set wheels, needed tailor- made handed zip on covers, to keep the cockpit looking clean and tidy.

Bespoke weighted boat covers to keep the weather off these newly varnished boats, without adding any additional fittings to the boats.

Numerous rib covers when the boats are on their trailers